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Best Site to Check UID status or Aadhar Card Status. The Aadhar Card Project was previously known as UID Card Project runs under Unique Identification Authority by Government of India UIDAI. This project was commenced originally in the year 2006. The primary goal of the Project is to secure a permanent social identity to all residents and citizens living in India. For this purpose Indian government is issuing special identity cards that have a 12 digit Unique Identification Number.
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All basic information of a person living in India is stored in this unique identification number card also called as Aadhar Card. Biometric and demographic information, personal photo and finger prints are stored in micro computerized mode in the UID card.

The biometric system requires usage of approved devices. The physical and behavioral data is collected and stored. Basic analysis includes palm print, fingerprint, iris scan, face scan and voice recording. The system may undergo further development as technology progresses. Identities issued under this project can be verified very easily during government programs and schemes.
UID Card Status

Significance of Aadhar Card Status

Adhaar Card Project has been supported by many prominent Indian personalities like Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Dr. Manmohan Singh. This Adhaar Card Status or UID Status project is inspired by social identification number campaigns running in USA, China, Korea and other notable countries around the world.

Unique Identification Numbers issued by UIDAI are very helpful to find out the real identity of a person residing in India. Hence this UID Card Project serves as a powerful verification tool for their owners while making applications for loans, phone connections, visas, passports and admissions at schools or colleges. This identity card can be issued even to a new born infant in India. In this way his permanent and unique social identity is set right from his early life.
Importance of the UID Card

Aadhar Card can help government and Indian citizens

UID card with its unique number can help Indian government in running its public welfare schemes smoothly. It can help to check and fight corruption existing in the Indian society. The problem of terrorism can be handled efficiently. Aadhar cards can trace out a person with a fake identity living within India. Illegal immigrants in India can also be checked with the help of this identity card. It should be noted that every member in an Indian family can get this number for himself or herself. Aadhar cards are currently not mandatory and Indian residents can get them voluntarily. Identity cards are not issued on classification or basis of caste, creed, race, gender or religion. They are granted to create a sense of uniformity among Indian citizens. One person can own a single UID card at a time. This information of an Indian can be accessed any time. You can get more official details of the Project at http://uidai.gov.in or check your application using the search tool on site.

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