What If Your UID is Stolen: Identity theft ?


UID CARD – A proof of your identity

UID card or Unique Identification Number card is also called Aadhaar card. It is being issued under the Aadhaar Project in India. It is an identity card that contains a unique national and social identity number of twelve digits. This card is connected to a centralized database and contains all demographic and biometric information about a person. The card is also linked with other identity proofs of Indian residents like passport, license, bank accounts, ration cards and other documents of identification.

Anti theft features of UID card

Protecting sensitive information about every person from illegal access is a primary feature of UID card. It has been set while designing the campaign of issuing UID cards. Every citizen or resident in India owning Unique Identification Card has a random number that does not disclose anything about the concerned person. The primary purpose of UID or Aadhaar Project is to maintain a trustworthy and safe national identity of people living in India with keeping their welfare objectives at core.

Mechanism of data protection in UID cards

UID cards are issued in India under legal authority of UIDAI. The obligation of protecting all information stored in cards connected to centralized database system lies with UIDAI. While processing the filled up enrollment forms all information is collected by UIDAI in special software. This data is converted into encrypted form to prevent leakage or theft or sensitive data. UIDAI has also framed comprehensive provisions for security all data stored in UIDAI cards. Agencies dealing in issue of UID cards have to strictly follow these security provisions to prevent data theft from Aadhaar identity cards. Severe penalty will be imposed on persons found in activities of stealing and revealing sensitive information stored in UID cards.

What to do when UID is stolen

UID card can provide a genuine national and social identity to citizens that are trustworthy. This card carries many benefits and can be used during official process in government offices, banks and other places. Unique Identification Number should be protected by their owners at all costs. Identity theft is a global problem and it may occur in case of UID cards also. UID card’s safety from theft is also an issue in the Aadhaar project. Owners of UID cards should take assistance from nearest authorities of Aadhaar Project to create a life long anti theft provision. In case if the card is stolen they should report to its issuing authorities at their city’s Aadhaar Project Center immediately within 24 hours after theft. Those who want to know more about steps to prevent theft of UID may visit us at http://uidai.gov.in/

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TS Mohamed Basheer (Aadhar No.4037 5260 3874) April 7, 2012 at 2:34 am

It is to infom you that, I have received my Aadhar on 6th of Apr.2012. I found the clarity of my photo in this Aadhar is not satisfactory. while taking photo at Aadhar Centre on 01.12.2010 it was well clear. I do not know what went wrong after that. Although govt. has taken lot of effort and spent considerable amount to it to make it a big success, but failed to satisfy public.

with due regards,

TS Mohamed Basheer
Aadhar.No. 4037 5260 3874


Ramesh Chandra Anand April 28, 2012 at 3:54 am

My photo is also so dark that it is not possible to easily identify me by my photo. It appears that this task is also being done as a ‘Sarkaari’ viz Kam Chalaaoo work.


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